About us

The main goal behind CryptoAstute is to present the most accurate and useful reviews and information in the crypto industry. We give the chance to all users to share their own thoughts about the platforms they are using and at the same time to read what other traders consider about them. We also provide all the needed information for beginners to learn more about different platforms.

On our site users can find content about crypto platforms, exchanges, affiliate programs, and influencers part of the crypto world. CryptoAstute is suitable for beginners and advances traders that want to read and write transparent and honest reviews.

Our core areas


Crypto Astute provides a long list of different cryptocurrencies. You can find valuable information and write reviews about bitcoin, all famous altcoins as well as about the newest altcoins on the market.



Influencers make the crypto world understandable for beginners and help advanced traders with useful news and advice. If you are an influencer and would like to be part of our list, please contact us.



Exchanges are the platforms that allow users to buy, sell and trade with different cryptocurrencies.



In this section, we include all the different useful tools related to cryptocurrencies that make crypto trading easier, safer, and better.


The process

After you write your review, a team member will check and approve it. We want the information that we provide to be verified, so you have to register first.


As a recently released site, our main focus at the moment is to popularize CryptoAstute and to receive as many reviews as possible, that is why we encourage you all to do so.